Weekend warriors in Canmore and practicing the blogging lifestyle

We spent the weekend in Canmore, Alberta with three objectives in mind:

1.       Celebrate six months of marriage

2.       Spend time together after Kendall had been gone for six weeks

3.       Live like “bloggers” and how we plan to live come June 2020

The first two are easy to achieve. Really, we just wanted to hang out together in the same place we got married and enjoy each other’s company. The third was a more interesting task. We wanted to live in a similar way to what we are planning to do when we pick up and leave next year. Because we will still technically be working, whether remotely, on rotation, or just online, we needed to “practice” this lifestyle.

Step one: wake up in a new place. Step two: get coffee. Step three: create content for our blogs and social media. Step four: all the other working tasks required when running your own online business. Step five: relax.

First two steps were easy-peasy. We woke up in a beautiful Airbnb in a king size bed with the sun shining over the mountains. Coffee was picked up from one of our favorite shops in Canmore, Beamer’s. Then we took the girls to the dog park and started shooting content for DashboardDrifters. We spent over six hours walking around the dog park, trails, and downtown taking pictures of ourselves on a phone camera. Hours later, we headed back to our home base for the weekend and reviewed what we had. Then we got to relax.

The biggest lesson from the weekend was that having the right gear is important. We need to invest in a proper camera and a remote. Taking one picture at a time and running back and forth to see who had their eyes closed was exhausting.

Overall though, the experiment was successful and we got a tiny taste of what life on the road might be like.

Have any tips for working remotely? Share with us below in the comments.

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