Expats living stationary in a 29′ travel trailer as full time RVers in beautiful La Paz, Mexico

Hello! We are Kendall and Jenn and we are full time RVers!

Our original plan was to travel across Canada to Prince Edward Island (PEI) and summer there. After a summer spent in the sun, we had planned to drive across the US and then onward to Mexico. Like many, our plans were disrupted by world events. However, we are now currently stationary and full time in La Paz, Mexico! This is our story as full time RVers!

We are “semi-retired”, or if you are familiar with The 4-Hour Work Week, living in a mini retirement. We are taking time off from the regular work force. Over the next year, we will develop a remote lifestyle that includes liveable income.

Traveling and living abroad has been something we have talked about since we were dating! Almost four years ago, we read The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris while vacationing in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. That really sparked our interest and motivation to find a way to live remotely.

 In 2019, on our honeymoon, Jenn reread the book to help develop our “escape plan” (read more here). Because of this, we made a pact on a napkin at a margarita bar to move to Mexico, (witnessed and signed by our waiter) to make our dream a reality within five years. After a quick summer vacation in Prince Edward Island, we made the decision to summer in PEI in 2020. Now here we are (definitely not in PEI)!

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