Dashboard Drifters is dedicated to providing unique
blog content that will elevate your brand.

We believe it’s not just about producing content, it’s about producing something great for your audience.

Seeing others succeed in their business fires us up.

We only have one life to live, and we want to make sure that everyone gets to chase happiness and their ultimate dream.

Bespoke, thoughtfully created blog content does three powerful
things for your business:

1. Creates and increases brand awareness

2. Makes you an expert of your niche

3. Drives traffic (a.k.a. leads) to you

It’s time to focus on producing a blog that’s great for your audience.

Welcome to the à la carte blog management and content creation service menu.
Whatever your blog needs are, we have a solution that works for your business.

Blog Content

Need some help filling in the gaps of your blog and want a one-off blog article written for your RV, travel, or digital nomad website? Over the last couple of years, we have probably written hundreds of blog articles related to RV life, traveling, and the art of being a digital nomad. Let us share our expertise with your audience.

We offer single-serve or package blog posts complete with everything you need to press “publish”! Includes optimized content, digital assets, and SEO.

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Blog Audit

Does your blog need a little love? We all started somewhere and there’s always room for improvement. Instead of trashing that content, let’s recycle it! Take advantage of SEO (search engine optimization) in your content to drive traffic.

We offer blog audits to see where your existing content can improve. Let’s better optimize your existing content so you can reuse that stellar content.

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Blog Management

Did you know that websites that have a blog are shown to have 434% more indexed pages (that means that Google has seen them and they will show up in Google Search). Stand out from the crowd and get noticed with our complete blog management package.

Reach more of your audience (they want to hear from you) and get 97% more links to your website with our monthly package. This package includes a curated content calendar, on-brand blog content, digital assets, and SEO. Choose how many blog posts you want per month.

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Looking for something more?

In addition to creating written blog content, you can hit us up for digital assets or product reviews.

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Need a podcast guest?

Do we love talking about RV life, traveling, or being digital nomads? Sure do! Have a podcast? We’d love to share our story.

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