3 irrational fears about full-time RV life

We are T-minus 195 days until we move into our travel trailer and start our adventures as #FullTimeRVers. There is a ton to plan and do still and we are super, super excited. Underneath the excitement, there is a tiny amount of fear. These are the three semi-irrational things that I am scared of. 

1. Laundry 

I have never been to a laundry mat. It kind of freaks me out to have all my laundry, towels, and bedding tumbling through a washing machine that other people have used. What if they have used bleach in another load and wreck my stuff? What if they are just gross? I know that it’s the washing machine and it gets washed, but still. Rebecca, my expert van life friend shares this wisdom about laundry mats:

“It’s exciting. It’s sexy. And you meet cool people.”

Not sure how the laundry mat is sexy, but I guess we will find out. 

2. Someone hack-sawing through the trailer wall 

This is a very specific fear for trailers. This fear goes above and beyond someone breaking in. In my mind, someone could break into our condo, so having the fear of being broken into is always an underlying fear in life. My distinct fear is someone Sawzall-ing through the wall of the trailer. Let’s be real, there isn’t much to those walls. Also, I have visions of the trailer blowing away or blowing over. 

3. Pooping 

Okay, TMI, but living in a sticks ‘n bricks, you rarely (if ever) have to deal with the nastiness of poop. In a house or condo, everything flushes away and there is no more work. In a trailer, there is a lot more involved. There are things that I don’t even know about yet. Things like chemicals, special toilet paper, draining tanks, flushing tanks, etc. Maybe I will just hold it forever and never go again. 

So these are my fears about full-time RV life. I suspect that I will get over number 1 and number 3 with a little time. I think my imagination will run wild with number 2 though. 

What are/were your full-time RV fears?

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