The 5 best things about RV life according to Instagram

December is flying by. I can’t believe it! With the end of 2019 drawing near, the countdown for our own send off into RV life is approaching. I think that the months leading up to June will go by even faster because we will have so much to do. Leading up to full time RV life we have to: downsize even further, sell our furniture, possibly move into a short term rental, get all our documentation in order, and so much more.

We have been talking about what we are most looking forward to once we move into the trailer. We can speculate but we wanted to know what other people who are living the life said. We asked our IG family from @DashboardDrifters what the best part of RV life was. Here are the top things that we are looking forward to!

  1. The sense of freedom… Don’t like where you are… pick up and go! @northdakotannomad

This is something we had on our list! The freedom to travel and the freedom to not have a set schedule are very exciting prospects. We plan to have shorter travel days (no 12 hour days in the truck) and to chase the warm weather. As soon as it gets below 70°F (21°C), we are out of there!

  1. We love the flexibility and that our home is always with us. @ontheroadtohoppiness

I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than coming home from vacation and getting into your own bed. But what if you always had your own bed?!

When we decided to spend the summer in PEI (read more here), we had to really consider that our senior dogs were not going to be able to fly. That is why we decided to drive. Now, as we embark on a huge adventure, we are so glad that we will have our home with us. We think that having that stability will make it easier for our dogs when traveling.

Also, one thing that really gets old is eating out. We don’t always make the best choices when we travel as far as meals. Having our own kitchen will help us stay on track.

  1. The 20 minutes is takes to clean the whole house! @wildkhats

YES! Who else doesn’t want to spend all day cleaning? Coming from a 630 square foot condo, it really only takes 2 hours to clean the whole house. But 20 minutes is still an improvement!

  1. I love having everyone so close… @iorasadventures

Our dog Toffee will definitely love this! She likes to have everyone in the same room and doesn’t relax until we are all sitting down together. Since we got her, she has always patrolled the house; running into each room to check on everything. In the trailer, everything will be visible from her perch and she will hopefully relax.

  1. …When we move, I have no boxes to unpack! @bearfamilytreehouse_onwheels

Unpacking boxes is literally the worst. So this sounds amazing. We will still have some minor setting up to do when we move from place to place; we have 20 plants that are coming along. But at least there won’t be boxes of things! Plus we are getting rid of most stuff before we even leave!

What is your favorite part of full time RV life? Share with us below.