Km 14 Centenario Restaurant: Must Try

If I had a last meal, I would make it Km 14 Centenario Restaurant in El Centenario, Mexico.

Km 14 Centenario restaurant is simply one of the best places we had the pleasure of trying while visiting La Paz. It has authentic Mexican food, prepared and served by a wonderful family. Km 14 is only fifteen minutes outside of La Paz, making it perfect for the weekend or a week night out for dinner.

Owned by Chef Jorge and his wife Vanessa, Km 14 offers a small but varied menu that is true to it’s roots. We loved the bright, authentic flavours and the genuine and friendly service. If you are lucky, you may even get to eat your dinner with Lucas, a sweet terrier.

Km 14 Centenario Must Haves

Everything we had on the menu was excellent, but there are four things that are must haves while visiting Km 14 Centenario restaurant.

Soup: Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soup or sopa de tortilla is a traditional Mexican soup made of fried corn tortillas submerged in a delicious broth of tomato, onion, garlic, chile de árbol (chillis) and epazote. The exact origins of tortilla soup are unknown but it is known it comes from the Mexico City area.

At Km 14, the tortilla soup is served with avocado, fresco cheese cubes (a local cheese), sour cream, and fried tortilla strips on the side. Each individual can add as much (or as little) of the choice toppings as they please.

In the end, the diner gets to consume a homemade soup that is completely customized to their flavour needs. The tortilla soup is a must have as an antonjito or on a whim. The soup would also make a perfect lunch – we will definitely be back for the lunch hour.

Starter: Nachos

I know, what a seemingly American starter, but the nachos are Km 14 are not your boring ol’ nachos.

The nachos are Km 14 are topped to the extreme with cheese and refried beans. You have the option to add meat such as chicken or beef, but we didn’t feel the need. The nachos require no addition to make them hearty or satisfying.

On the side, you get an order of pico de gallo and guacamole to pile on. The nachos are so loaded that you will likely end up eating them with a fork.

Did we mention that the tortilla chips are corn and home made? Well, they are.

The nachos are simply amazing, with a slight twist on a pub classic.

Entree: Molcajete Azteca

The molcajete azteca is the meal I would have for my last meal if I could only choose one food.

So what is molcajete azteca? This dish is a Mexican style meat and vegetable stew of sorts.

You have the choice of shrimp, beef, or chicken. In our professional opinion, as people who ordered this more than once, you should order a combination of chicken and beef.

Out will come a smoking hot, stone molcajete (the bowl portion of a mortar and pestle). Overflowing from it’s depths are your meat selection, pork chorizo sausage, melty panela cheese, and roasted green onions and cactus, all simmering in a tomato based sauce.

The molcajete azteca is served with a side of fresh, hot corn tortillas. You fold all the perfectly cooked components into a blanket of tortilla, top with extra sauce from the bowl and enjoy. Simply delicious.

This dish is definitely large enough to be shared between two people. We love family style meals and sharing appetizers, soups, and entrees so we can try multiple things. The molcajete azteca will leave you so full and satisfied. You will crave it while you are away from Mexico – especially if you are stuck in a winter climate.

Dessert: Apple Chimi-Churro

If you have room after those three courses, then your final course should be the apple chimi-churro.

Take the best parts of apple pie and a churro and combine them. That is what Km 14 has done to create the perfect finisher to your Mexican meal.

The apple chimi-churro is a deep fried churro stuffed with apple pie filling. Like the name suggests, it has a chimichanga style – aka deep fried burrito. Tossed in cinnamon sugar and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the apple chimi-churro is not too sweet and perfects the meal. Another plus, the size. After a large meal, the apple chimi-churro is small enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, but adequately sized to share between two.

Final Verdict

Km 14 Centenario is conveniently located just fifteen minutes from La Paz, Mexico. It is located at kilometer 14 on the Transpeninsular Highway.

Chef Jorge and his wife Vanessa are the sweetest people. You can feel good supporting a local business that is family owned and operated.

The prices are considered higher. In perspective, they are higher than the roadside taco stands, but you are getting a sit down meal. Compared to North America, they are definitely less than your average meal out.

Finally, the food is delicious. If you only try one thing, make sure it is the molcajete azteca. But anything and everything is going to be delicious. We went to the Km 14 Chinese night and it was so good!

If you are in the La Paz area, put Km 14 Centenario into your dining plans.