How to Become Snowbirds by Age 30

Traditionally, snowbirds are retirees that escape northern winters and snow by migrating south for the winter. They maintain family and friends in their home town/country as they return during the summer. Traditional retirees (and therefore snowbirds) are 65+.

So how does one become a snowbird before they turn 30?

We are going to let you in on the secret! Over the next three months, we will be detailing EXACTLY how we transitioned from living the normal 9-5 daily grind and became snowbirds.

snowbirds in front of beached ship

Right now, we are just over three months out from taking off as chick snowbirds. Currently, we are ‘enjoying’ our last winter in Alberta. In three short months, we will be taking off to summer on the beach. In the winter of 2020, we will driving south and going far, far away from the snow.

You can read all about Why We Are Leaving it All here.

So are you interested in learning how to become a snowbird before the age of 30 (or anytime before the traditional retiree age)?

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